my painting Xhibition

In the streets of Lower Manhattan I am concentrating until spring on Bisomen.  Large outline paintings, the graffiti and torn posters becomes the interior of each figure.  Transient, many paintings disappear quickly, but continually replaced by new.  I am proceeding with this work as a painting Xhibition.  My gallery: Prince to Chambers, Greenwich to Orchard.

My experience of making this work is very intense. I slap on my paint as quickly as possible, watching my own back. I do not see what I do until I step away and then I see it as a stranger. Every stroke has to be decisive, fast and rough.

A clean wall does not want graffiti. Sprayed-on signs and signatures are provocation and protest. But empty buildings and construction sites attract scrawls irresistibly. It has always been so, since humans began
drawing on rocks and cave walls. A contemporary wall of massed markings shows a range of invention and become a lush textured field. Here, my merging in of a glyphic animal intensifies the whole.